Duke Leng Navatra donated $ 15,000 to encourage two Cambodian students to successfully build drones to transport people

Two Cambodian understudies who have effectively fostered a robot to work with firefighting. On the morning of September 29, 2021, gave $ 15,000 as a support from His Excellency Heng Sour, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, Duke Le Mr. Navatra and Mr. Leng Pros, the gift service was held at the National Institute of Polytechnology of Cambodia (NPIC).

Two Cambodian understudies effectively produce Human Carrier Drone as a team with Mr. Lounh Vansith, fourth year designing understudy Electronics and Mr. Chroy Sotheara, third year understudies in Mechanical Engineering, both of whom are learning at the National Institute Cambodian Polytechnic (NPIC). The creation is to study and needing to add to decreasing gridlock and work with firefighting on elevated structures, and so forth .

His Excellency Heng Sour, Secretary of State, lauded and empowered the resourcefulness of the understudies who fostered the robot that can convey individuals. In that, His Excellency encouraged them to attempt to find out about the development of this robot to be greater quality.

To support the understudies, HE Heng Sour, Duke Leng Navatra and Duke Leng Pros gave $ 5,000 each. The complete financial plan is $ 15,000 for the understudies who made the robot. HE Bun Phearin, Director of the Institute National Polytechnic of Cambodia on Progress: The National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia invites understudies who are arranged and sent by Duke That with delight.

As well as empowering the two thoughts and cash, Duke Leng Navatra likewise wanted that understudies who The duke intends to give 150 grants to the new school year, and can decide to learn at this establishment.

It ought to likewise be noticed that the robot moving individuals made by a gathering of understudies at the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC) has a complete load of 125 kg. A four-seater armrest with eight wings, it can convey up to 60 kg of weight and can fly up to 5-6 meters. Distance of around 100 meters while it is in the testing stage and further turn of events. Crafted by the above Cambodian understudies likewise got consideration from some notable global media.

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